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Hi ! I am Nurul Hidaya and Im sixteen this year ! Enjoy yourself while reading my diary maybe ;)

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Saturday, 19 January 2013 | 08:43 | 0 comments

Hello guys . Assalamualaikum . My first update since school day has begin . Anyway , UiTM Lendu is trending all the way . What's going on there ? My sister was ex-students from there , and was someone in Majlis Penggerak Masjids ( standards ? Pretty high ) and she said that it was a normal thing for them . Ouh , alhamdulilah , pray for them :)

By the way , this Monday , Farra / Amelia and Fatin will not be with us anymore . They have moved to a new school . Sedihh T.T , its okay . Its your future dear friends . But , I hope that your moving's matter will not make our relationship become a relationshit . Ouh , I hope . 
Korang jangan lupa kitaorang kat sini :'( 

Dayah dah tak boleh marah kat Farra , jangan hyperactive sangat . Nanti semput . Then Dayah tak boleh nak babbling and nagging kat Atien , dont trust anyone easily especially boys . And then tak boleh nak gosip dengan Amelia , about that three kutu kat sekolah kitaa . Ouh Allah , let us be friends forever until jannah Ya Allah . Amin . 

Hm , not in mood bila fikir pasal petang tadi . Its all dear followers . Bye , Assalamualaikumm :*

Miss this moment . Time kita semua makan ABC :'D
 *Farra tak ada , dia tukang capture :'(

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